Friday, May 22, 2009

Farmer's Market

There is no better season than summer for fresh fruits and vegatables. When I lived in New Jersey there was a fabulous farmer's market three miles away and there was no denying they had the BEST summer corn and tomatoes.

Now that I'm getting older and fighting hard to win the battle of gravity, I have been trying to be much better to my body. This includes eating much more fresh fruits and veggies and organics.

Here in Texas I have fallen in love with my local farmer's market Sprouts and Central Market. I love how I can walk into the produce section, ask for a sample of something new and the produce manager has no problem cutting open the absolutely scrumptious apple sitting in the bin.

So in hind sight, go check out your local farmer's market, make friends with the farmers, support the American economy and do something good for your may just decide that you like healthy food :O)

Find your local markets here:

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