Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just ONE of the Many Specials Watkins Has This Month

This has fast become one of my favorite items that Watkins has to offer and this month it is on sale~hurry though this is a seasonal item and will not be around for long:

Special Pricing on Italian Pepper
Our award-winning Granulated Black Pepper is skillfully combined with a classic collection of savory Italian herbs to lend a dash of zest, spice, and amorĂ© to your favorite pasta sauce, meat, fish or poultry dish, or just about anything that could use an Italian accent. Act quickly, though—this blend will be saying ciao before long!(47 g/1.6 oz) Regularly $4.99 Special $4.59

Can be found here: www.watkinsonline.com
Please put my associate number in at checkout #378762

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