Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Start Your Business Today for Only $15!

Business Consultant with Au Naturel Glow is as follows : Business Consultant

* $15 to join as Business Consultant
* Own FREE Personal Website Link :
* Personal Domain Name available!
* One sale every month any size to remain active. This can be a personal sale or a sale through your personal website link. Includes samples purchased for your business.
* $3.00 incentive bonus when a Business Consultant joins your downline.
* Commission level 30% on all personal orders or sales through the personal website link. 5% off all downline sales When your sales have reached $350 :: commission level will increase to 35% :
* Introduce new members to Au Naturel Glow and earn 5% off all downline sales
* Invitation to our yahoo group for updates on
* Exclusive new product launches and all pertinent company information:
* Eligible to participate in Company Contests, and Incentives. Sales aids sent with 1st order!
The ability to increase commission level to 40% : Information on how to increase through the top level 40% will be displayed in the business group.
* Invitation to our Business Group
* Business Building Tips & Tricks : E-books and incentives. FREE products when available to help you in building your business : Templates and printable brochures, monthly flyer available in the business group. Use of our Chat room to hold parties for your Au Naturel Glow Business.
* Opportunity to purchase 1 of each item we carry at 45% off the Retail Price on joining ANG company anniversary date.
* FREE Banner & Button for advertising personal website link

**I'd love to have you join my team~I have SO much fun hosting parties and using these products!
Maryann Richards
ANG Consultant #200717
Au Naturel Glow;more than just minerals!

~Our minerals are TRULY all natural, no Bismuth Oxychloride or fillers to irritate your skin

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