Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Re-Post for a Friend

PLEASE check out this site, it could save a life

Sparrow House
My name is Tara Deck and I am the director of an organization called Secret-Angels. We help various businesses and nonprofit organizations (on and offline) with fundraising, grant-writing and overall program development.
Currently I am helping implement a grass-roots organization called Sparrow House, which will be a domestic abuse transitional home for women with children. As a child witness of domestic violence - this is a project very near and dear to my own heart. My mother suffered many years of being abused - but with 3 daughters to take care of, she didn't have anywhere to go to get help.
Have you ever thought about the options that women with children have after they leave a crisis center? Unfortunately there are not many, and 85% of these women return to their abusers.
The goal of Sparrow House is to offer these women group homes in which to raise their children in a safe environment, as well as equip them with the life skills necessary to survive on their own. At this time, I am only trying to create awareness about this organization and get the word out that domestic abuse survivors DO have somewhere to turn.
I hope that if you have experienced any form of childhood abuse, you will help me spread the word about this unique program! The more people know - the more they care, and the goal of Sparrow House is to work directly with the children in order to prevent this vicious cycle from repeating itself through the coming generations.
Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about this organization - or any of the other programs that Secret-Angels support or the services we offer! God Bless,

Tara Deck
Sparrow-House <>
Elgin, Texas

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