Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mineral Make-Up Applications Tips

Courteous of Au Naturel Glow minerals

New to Mineral Makeup?
Simple steps for applying your minerals
1} Apply Foundation
2} Add Blush to cheeks
3} Last apply Finishing Veil.
Results in a wonderful Natural Look!
Minerals are so versatile experiment to find your own application techniques!

Dry Method Application

Dip natural Kabuki brush into jar : gently tap off excess powder. Apply foundation in a circular motion
Foundation will warm to the skin & simply glide onto the face.
Apply in light layers until coverage is complete.

Wet Paste Application

Applying your minerals as a wet paste brings out the natural beauty
in the makeup.
The natural opalescent, when applied in this manner appears stunning!
Foundation : Mix mineral foundation lightly with water
Apply to face with sponge.
Add mineral foundation to damp sponge and apply.or Add mineral foundation to your daily moisturizer and apply!
Eyes : Decide on mineral you’re going to apply. With a natural eye shadow brush, using the product lid take a small amount of eye mineral, add a tiny drop of water & mix together.
Too much water; just add more powder until you have a small amount which resembles a creamy consistency.
Remove excess from makeup brush using the side of the lid : Gently add minerals to eye area. You may feel like color is grabbing and streaking. As soon as the powder is dry within seconds blend mineral shadow lightly with a dry brush.

Au Naturel Glow:

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